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Excellent experience in every aspect. You are provided with about as realistic driving experience as it can get and the best you can't get elsewhere. Intensive driving class is world class, he thought me like father teaching his son. Very organized and professional when he gets to business and never fail when he promises. I recommend Kenny if you really want to pass your driving test because it is worth every penny and erases every delays & sadness that others bring to you. Thank God I met someone who recommended me to Kenny (KI Learners & Instructors Training School) for an experience of a life time that I will forever smile when I remember.

-Stuart Chapel

Kenny’s a great instructor, he accommodates to your learning style and teaches everything step by step. He takes the time to help you reflect on your strengths and allows time to work on things you find more challenging. He’s understanding and patient and supports you with all the difficult manoeuvres until you feel confident. A week before your test he prioritises your lessons and carries out mock tests which I found really really helpful. It also helped to understand the intensity of the real test and to not feel as nervous on the day. As a result I passed my driving test first time! Thank you Kenny.

-Elijah Mills

Kenny is a genius driving instructor. I booked just a 6hours Intensive Class (3hrs each for 2 days) and the third day went for my test..... guess what..... I PASSED <<<>>>

-Leon Ward

chose Kenny from a list of local instructors on the official DVSA website, where he is listed with top grades. His lessons are clear and explained very well. He is patient and also makes learning to drive a fun experience. After every lesson I felt like I had really learnt something important and new. I passed both my theory and practical tests on the first attempt. I spent about 40-45 hours of practice with Kenny, and took notes/diagrams after my 2 hour lessons to help the practice sink in. I had no other driving practice apart from my time with Kenny. To prepare for the theory, I used an app on my phone, and if I had any questions Kenny was willing to help.

-James Clarke

In my experience, Kenny worked with my individual ability and taught in a style that worked for me, and I think that makes a great teacher.

-Alick Jones

I would highly recommend Kenny to anyone who is considering learning to drive.

-Georgia Garrick

He owns an industry standard cars that meet any level driver you are or you want to be.

-Frankie Harvey

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